Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tha Voo wants you! And the Zombies do too!

What does phosphorescent fishnets, black light reactive body paint, a north-meets-south funkified attitude and zombies have to do with each other? If you were to ask Little Earl Lundy from Hudson Valley band, Voodelic, he could probably tell you it's a lot more than you'd think.Voodelic's music has been described as spicy funky soul stew and believe me, if you've never heard of them or been to a live show, it is that and much, much more. Recently I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with little Earl, who is the formidable lead singer for Voodelic, about their future plans, their newest album Conjure, and of course about zombies.

One of the best shots of the night taken by uber talented, JD Fielding Photography!
Last year you performed in all your glory at Dave's Coffeehouse and Wine Bar. How was that experience for Voodelic? It's not everyday a band gets to perform in front of a packed house full of zombies.
Well, we've played for some packed houses and we've played in front of some real zombies. Last years Village Invasion was definitely a first for us! Here's hoping October 22nd will bring in another house full of zombies!

Where do you get your inspiration from, as you're currently the most unique band in the Hudson Valley.
Musically speaking, Voodelic's inspirations are a big ol' mix. There's funk and R&B, gospel, 70's hard rock, and a kind of psychedelic swamp. 

Whose idea was it to don crazy voodoo get-ups that react to black light? And do you guys think it's enhanced your popularity?
I'm afraid that would be my little obsession. I started messin' with the black lights 'round about 2006, and every year I've just added more and more. Last year I think we did four black light Halloween shows. I've learned a lot through trial and error. The costumes have gotten pretty--colorful . As far as popularity goes, folks really do seem to get off on the whole black light thing. Voodelic is an experience band anyway, and adding another layer to that experience lets the audience get a little deeper into--Tha Voo. 

How do ya'll describe your music? And when are we to expect a world black light dominated tour?
That question gets asked a lot. I don't know maybe, Southern-Gothic Funk? A black light dominated tour, huh? Well, I'm ready baby!  But I'm not sure the other boys would welcome that path, maybe if the money was right--HAHA!

What was it like playing at Mountain Jam? Were there any brushes with greatness that really stuck with you? Playing Mountain Jam was magical. It was certainly the biggest stage and the biggest crowd we've played to, plus it was an incredibly beautiful day. The problem was waking up the next morning and realizing it wasn't gonna happen again that day.

It's been almost a year since the last Village Invasion, what have ya'll been up to?
Well, we went back into Millbrook Sound Studio and started recording stuff for a second album. Paul Orofino, the owner and engineer there, is just an amazing cat to work with. He's very intuitive with a great set of ears.

Considering we have a certain thing in common as the band Voodelic has it's fingers deeply embedded in New Orleans style voodoo folklore and early zombie culture also derives from that same ilk. Would you consider Voodelic and the Village Invasion a perfect match? And is your preference the George Romero flesh eating zombies or the Haitian voodoo revenge type zombies?
Why yes Cap'n, I certainly would! I don't know if it's a match made in heaven or hell, but it's a good'n for sure. I do not wanna ruffle any zombie-type feathers (as I'm pretty sure this audience is all about Saint Romero's sacrament), but the Haitian voodoo/Mississippi hoodoo zombies is my thang!

You're calling your gig on the night of the Village Invasion II-Crawl of the Dead, Night of the Living Voo is NOTLD your favorite zombie movie and if not, what is?
Of the modern bio-hazard zombie flicks, I'm a big fan of Danny Boyle's vision in 28 Days Later. Of the Voodoo variety, well, The Serpent and the Rainbow ... was a great ... book.

What can we expect from Voodelic in the future?
I don't do no scrying baby! The future can be a dangerous and unlucky subject but as for Voodelic's immediate future? I see black lights, LOTS of black lights!

Killer photo courtesy of Del Higgins Fine Art Photography!

Voodelic is playing this year at the Village Invasion II-Crawl of the Dead at Dave's Coffeehouse and Wine bar on October 22nd. Be sure to stop in, shake your booty, and tell'em the Captain sent ya! If you can't make this most zomberiffic event, ( I can't imagine what better things a corpse would have to do besides dance your pants off to the glorious sounds of Voodelic) You can boogie down these other nights!

10/10-FREE show at Club Helsinki in Hudson, NY
10/22-Night of the Living Voo, BLACK LITE SHOW
10/28-Oasis in New Paltz, NY - BLACK LITE SHOW
10/29-The Fernwood, Palenville, NY - BLACK LITE SHOW
11/28-FREE show The Bearsville Theater, recorded for Vassar Radio!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Grave Matters II

It's that time once again ghouls and boils for a brainy babbling of epic proportions from the one, the only, the very dead Captain Cruella of the Carnivorous Cadavers. There's quite a bit on my mind this time so grab a cocktail, sit back and enjoy the slimy slippery slope!

  • The Village Invasion II-Crawl of the Dead is in full on promotion mode and I'm delighted to tell you about the additional shops opening their doors for your corpses to shamble through this year. The Dutch Ale House, Main Street Restaurant, Inquiring Minds Bookstore, Sugartown Vintage Boutique, Dave's Coffee and Wine Bar, The Hudson Valley Dessert Company, Partition Street Wine Shop and the list just keeps growing! I'll be presenting a map once again and giving shout outs to the shops, pubs and restaurants participating in this years Crawl. In these online mentions I'll be talking about what they'll be offering to all you ghouls and boils with detailed information about their devious plans. I'll also be discussing the gifts I've been fortunate enough to receive from online and local merchants who love all things horror, and what treats are in store for the winners of the costume contest. ( And I'm always willing to accept more! Hint, hint...)  I'm also embarking on a very special donation drive for those who were flood victims from Hurricane Irene. If you weren't aware, some towns were completely washed away by the deluge here in the Hudson Valley and has left many homeless and even townless! I'll be setting up a donation drop box at select locations with all the details of how you can help and what items are needed most, so keep checking in! As always, we'll be crossing our rotten fingers for good weather as I've been planning and plotting with Brian Solomon, of The Vault of Horror, and Perri Naccarato of The Computer Guys, some movies to be projected on the Reis Building in the parking lot where the Crawl will begin. Speaking of The Vault of Horror, be sure to visit Cruellas Crypt along with his blog to see what horrendous plans he has up his sleeves for this night. It's sure to be gorrific! See you in Saugerties, NY on October 22nd at 7 pm, Kittens! And as always, Viva la Zombie!
You can imagine that this much water is never a good thing.

  • Exciting news! You might have seen several posts about the Vault Keeper and I about us traveling to NYC to be in a pilot for a television series. Well it looks like things are moving right along and you might end up seeing our faces on yet another medium--cable television! Many thanks to Double Wide Media for the camera time and to the uber talented Kevin Maher for asking us to participate. He either thought we were perfect for it, or just perfectly nuts. Check out this photo for the promo! -Faints-

  • The Rosendale Zombie Festival in the quaint little town of Rosendale is nearly upon us! My best ghoulie, Lara Hope, convinced me that a zombifying booth was in order. So this year I'll be there with my very own SFX table. Come drag yourself to my booth, say gaaaaaargh! and for $5 you will get the whole gory treatment! Booth opens at 11 am. So get there early and pick up a Village Invasion II flier and keep on spreading the infection!

  • If you follow my daily zomBie shenanigans I'm sure you're more than aware of my human counterpart and Vault Keeping partner, the brainy half of the Terror Team, Mr. Brian Solomon, who just so happens to be participating in the ridiculously hilarious Kevin Geeks Out, Rip-off Cinema! at 92YTribeca on Thursday, September 15th at 8 pm.  Here's a paragraph I pulled from his Facebook page talking about the event, if this doesn't make you want to're just not fit to eat! Kevin Geeks Out is the comedy-variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher—a confabulation of vintage film clips and videos, new finds, guest experts, games and curiosities. To geek out with Kevin you don’t need to be a geek, you just need to love cool stuff This month, Kevin Geeks Out about Rip-Off Cinema, chronicling the “knockbusters” that attempt to capture the magic of E.T., King Kong, War of the Worlds and other big-budget blockbusters. The two-hour cultural cavalcade includes trivia, snacks, prizes and guest speakers presenting rare film footage and TV clips you won’t find on YouTube or Netflix! I've had the opportunity to brain storm with The Vault Keeper about the Halloween rip-offs he'll be covering, and let me tell's not to be missed! You can buy tickets here and we hope you drag yourselves out and mingle with us!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hide your children, the zombies are BACK!

 That's RIGHT! The Village Invasion II-Crawl of the Dead is in full steamroller ahead mode and we're working our fingers to the bone in order to bring to all you ghouls and boils a most gorrific time!

Please spread the infection as I'd like our gathering to be the very first zombie event where we literally take over an entire village! Through your dedication to the cause and all things horrifying I know we can do it. So Spread the word and Viva la Zombie!

Keep checking back here at CruellasCrypt, The Vault of Horror, the FB Cruella Moxham and Captain Cruella of the Carnivorous Cadavers fan page on FB, AND Crawl of the Dead for the freshest information regarding the devious delights planned throughout the town.

See you in Saughoulties, NY on October 22nd at 7pm Kittens!