Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Village Invasion III and all the gory crap one can handle

Yes indeedy kittens, the little zombie social media project I embarked on in 2010 has grown up and is barreling down hell's highway at an amazing rate. With 2012 comes a new alliance, complete with a sponsor who holds close to his little black heart the same sense of community as I do. Much zomBie love goes out to Neil Smoller of the Village Apothecary, who owns two very successful, local, family-run pharmacies and believes keeping things local and supporting each other makes for a super glue-like bond.

With the support of local businesses, the tireless support of Brian Solomon's Vault of Horror, and Neil's collaborative brainstorming and backing, the world will certainly be quivering at our feet this October. With talks of billboards, radio spots, closing down the entire village of Saugerties, epic mailing lists, a food and clothing drive, specific horror related vendors, killer local music--it's like watching my zomBaby grow up, heading off to huge festival college. We promise to give you one hell of a time and uphold the highest zombie standards for years to come. I invite you to come out and celebrate all that's gruesome this 10.20.12 for what will inevitably become the most zomBerrific event  in the Hudson Valley!

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-launched Village Invasion website, as well as my blog, FB page and The Vault of Horror! The countdown begins with the humans locked in an epic battle against the zomBies. What side will you be on when the two collide?