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Grave Matters--The Good. The Bad. The down right Zombified. 2013 revisted & beyond

One distressing crew!
Hello Kittens, It's been some time since I've had a free moment to sit these old bones down and stretch my rotten fingers out to recap last years Invasion, talk about some updates and bring you some general zombified and horrifying news. It's officially three months until what should be Village Invasion V--just seems like yesterday when the Village Invasion was just a zombie baby of an idea. Who knew that it would become a giant event that for one night in October would take over the quaint and quiet Village of Saugerties, NY. ( or as I like to call it--sauGHOULties)  I've been interviewed by all sorts of folks, horror and non-horror alike, been in a TV pilot, been asked to be a TV host ( even though that still hasn't gone anywhere--still, it's pretty zomberiffic and quite an honor to have even been thought of in that way!) I've even been an extra in Blondie's newest video, Mother and got to use my most zombitastic make-up skills for the band and their extras. There's so much other amazing crap that's happened that it's totally mind blowing and I'm glad I can share it all with you here in the Crypt. So without further adieu I bring you my latest installment in Grave Matters--The Good. The Bad. The down right Zombified; 2013 revisited and what the future holds for the Village Invasion.

So many of the undead!

My dreadful self and a tiny minion.
1. Village Invasion IV this past October 19th was an absolute scream. There were SO MANY OF YOU with a giant tally of over 4,000 zombies dragging their oozing corpses up and down the streets of sauGHOULties, NY. Whoa--you all seriously outdid yourselves! The Carnival of the Dead theme was a total blast and it was a horrific sight seeing so many of you embracing your dark inner zombie-carnie-clown-freak-selves. It was especially heartwarming, ( Yes--it did warm this cold zombroad's heart) to see so many kids just having the time of their little zombie hearts! In fact, so much so it's becoming even more popular with the families than I could ever have wished! With all the technical issues and the rain (which dampened only a few spirits) all in all--a success! Sadly however, with anything that grows in size, it also grows in liability and organizing as managing and dealing with funding for something this large can get out of hand rather quickly. I've had the pleasure of working with several folks in the town who have taken the event to the next level for sure, and for that I thank them--it's been amazing! Unfortunately no one wants the responsibility and liability of dealing with something of this magnitude. It looks like the prior idea of just having a group of zombie lovin' humans shambling through to help support local businesses has outgrown its shuffling grounds. I'm still working on secondary plans and ideas and maybe soon we'll have some less than sub-par news. Stay tuned, Kittens!
The streets overflowing with shamblers!

Some of our Brain-tastic Volunteers!
2. Did you get your uber collectible and one of a kind t-shirt from the Village Invasion III and IV? No? Well you're in luck! If you'd like one from 2013 AND 2012--We have 'em. They're $10 and all the proceeds go to our Small World Playground Fund which is to help rebuild our playground that the Boys and Girls Club uses in the Village of Saugerties, NY. For more info or to order these stellar limited event shirts please email: and I'll be sure to get you one of these epically stellar T's!

3. Did you know that Goblin came to New Haven, CT this December? Yes, they did and myself along with Brian Solomon from the Vault of Horror got to catch these guys perform some of their gloriously eerie music. Many of you horror fanatics have seen Italian terror maestro Dario Argento's Suspiria, which weaves a menacing tale of witchcraft as a fairy tale gone horribly awry, and if you haven't--stop what you're doing and go rent this right now! So for those of you who have seen it also know that the soundtrack laid down by Italian musicians, Goblin combined with Argento's brilliant use of lighting and cinematography, is well accompanied by their creeptacular sound. Somehow chimes paired with whispered lullabies means ridiculously creepy!

4. Killer TV: There's been so many great series running, especially on FX recently that it's been so hard to pull my favorites from my rotten memory. Here's a few that I've recently gotten myself hooked on and hope you're watching too:

Do you smell bacon?
The Walking Dead. Not much to say here except, "they messed with the wrong people." Thrilled beyond belief for next season. Lets hope they don't kill off anyone we've invested in too soon this season, shall we?

The Strain. Anyone watching this? Thoughts? So far--I'm pretty hooked. After a string of sickeningly sweet and romantic love vampire stories I'm all in for a gruesome tale that's based on what I'd like to think a vampire truly is, a disease.

American Horror Story, Coven. Great season with witches however I am getting tired of the same actors just changing up roles. I know I'm gonna get a bullet to the head here for saying it but, Jessica Lange--must you play the same character in EVERY season? Geesh. The last episode will always stick with me when actress, Lily Rabe, (who plays character Misty) gets stuck in "hell" with her having to be in biology class and repeatedly being forced to dissect a frog. I can completely relate, only for me it's being stuck in I-95 rush hour traffic, over and over and over and over. If you haven't caught any of these--you should, Captain's orders!

Rosendale Zombie Fest zombies doin' the two step shuffle.
5. Appears the Rosendale Zombie Festival will be happening once again in Rosendale, NY this September 27th. You can swing by the good Captain's zombification station again this season. Get there early! I'll be arriving a few hours prior to the zombie parade's initial launch in order to bloody up those who lack their inner zombie. After you do the zombie-shuffle, head back to the park for a costume contest to see if your zombification makes the cut all while doing the death-dance to local bands and DJs.Typically there's a killer screening of  horror flicks which rounds out your night of all things horrifying at the Rosendale Theatre later in the evening. Make sure to bring some canned goods as like with the Village Invasion--this event helps to restock the local food pantry! See you there, Kittens!

Looking forward to writing more in the future and for those who expressed interest in helping to keep the Village Invasion alive, please contact me, Captain Cruella at:

Here's to another horrifying zombified season! Viva la Zombie!

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