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From One Zombie Overlord to Another: An Interview with Lara Hope

Needless to say, any band that records a song called "Zombie Slave" is bound to get my attention, especially if they call themselves Tiger Piss. Add to that the fact that the singer is none other than the amazing Lara Hope, a woman after my own rotting heart, and it becomes clear that it was only a matter of time before we crossed paths. In addition to Tiger Piss, Lara is also the frontwoman for the outstanding rockabilly act The Champtones, and much like myself, is also an organizer of ghoulishly goretastic events. So it really was a match made in hell.

I had the pleasure of attending Lara's Rosendale Zombie Festival, and from that point on I made it my mission to interview her. I'm proud to say that it finally came to pass, and I hope you enjoy the results...

Cruella: Thank you for accepting my invite! It's one hell of a time getting people to sit down and chat with a zombie captain of the undead...

Lara: Its my pleasure, I think this kind of stuff is exciting!

Cruella: Well I certainly think you're kind of exciting! So tell me Lara, the horror world wants to know, what prompted the Rosendale Zombie Festival, and will you be doing it again next year?

Lara: I have been a fan of zombies and horror in general for years. About three years ago, my band Tiger Piss filmed a music video for our song "Zombie Slave" that got a lot of attention and a great response. People still come up to me all the time to tell me that they just saw the video and love it. When my good friend Elena Brandhoffer (Main Street, Rosendale resident) went to the Zombie BBQ hosted by The Wherehouse (which is an awesome venue/restaurant) in Newburgh, her wheels started turning. She approached me last spring, after seeing the "Zombie Slave" video and noticing how I had put together a number of other community music/theatrical events. She asked me if I would be interested in organizing the Rosendale Zombie Festival with her, and I loved the idea. The rest was history. (And yes, we are planning on doing it again next year, bigger and better!)

Cruella: I'm excited to hear that--I had a really ghoulriffic time! With the influx of all this zombie insanity, do you think that this will be even bigger next year? And will you guys change anything? I remember it being a very long day.

Lara: Thank you, I had a great time too. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, or were at least entertained. I was able to learn what to do and not to do in order to make it better next year. And yes, I do think that between my fest, your fest, the Newburgh fest and others, Hudson Valley residents are starting to open their eyes to the zombie ways!

Cruella: Or we'll open their eyes for them...

Lara: Yes! I think that the general model for the festival will stay the same: A parade, live music, filming at the theatre... But I know that certain things worked better than others. I would love more vendors, more promotion, bigger, better and scarier!

Cruella: Absolutely! So speaking of bigger and better, Lara, YOU are a maniac! I mean, two bands? Tell me about Tiger Piss first, then The Champtones. You’re such a talented musician, singing in both bands, and playing guitar in Tiger Piss. I thought I was a busy ghoul!

Lara: OK, you’re making me blush! Tiger Piss, here goes... I lived in New Paltz for five years before I moved to Rosendale last year. I knew Kevin and Danny (Tiger Piss drummer and guitarist) casually from the local music and bar scene. So when my old band, The Red Hopes, broke up, Kevin caught wind that I was a free woman. Kev had been playing in the Hudson Valley music scene for over 10 years, most notably as the drummer for the punk rock band, “Joeys Throwin’ Elbows”, and a friend of his was putting on a benefit show called "Kick Cancers Ass" at Oasis.
Kevin agreed to play the show without even having a band together. Kev and Danny worked together at the time, and they tried to have a two-piece jam that, from what I’ve been told, went horribly. I’ll never forget the night sitting at the bar at Snugs next to Danny, who I barely knew, when he said, “I have a proposition for you." Needless to say, it wasn’t for sex! Thus Tiger Piss was born! Since then we have self released two albums: "Ear To The Wall" in 2008, and "Shake It, Don't Fake It" early in 2010. We've toured the country about eight or nine times.

Cruella: Well it's fucking brilliant, and was honestly meant to be.

Lara: The Champtones has quite a different flavor from Tiger Piss.

Cruella: Is it difficult to be actively playing for two totally different bands that are so musically diverse?

Lara: Well, The Champtones have only been a band for 15 months, and I have only toured with Tiger Piss once in that time. I thought it would be harder than it is, but I think that both bands help to propel the other. There are people who are really into the rockabilly, and others who are really into the punk/hard rock and then there are these people who are really into both. And each helps to promote each other. I mean, the more I am out playing, the more I can meet people and network and spread my gospel!

Cruella: Amen, sister! So speaking of The Champtones and yourself, you recently had a video shoot! When can we expect to see this out? And was it so much fun I want to kick myself for being too sick to attend.

Lara: Yes we did, and it went better than I ever could have imagined! First of all, I want to give a huge thank you and shout out to Greg Kanan for shooting, editing, directing and overall helping out with the video. Greg was just a fan who met us when playing at Snugs and offered to shoot a video for us. And without rubbing it in too much, yes it was a magical day and we had about 25 extras and everyone has been talking about what a fun time it was! Rob, the owner of the Saugerties Bowlers Club, opened all of the lanes for us and let everyone bowl for free. We were all drinking and dancing.

Cruella: I'm certainly excited to see it! This was the shoot for "Big Block Betty", correct?

Lara: Yes it was! We’re so excited and fortunate, we even had a friend of my guitar player Jeff who lent us these awesome old hot rod T-bird cars for the shoot.

Cruella: So in your spare time away from being a punk rock diva and a zombie events planner, what the hell do you do?

Lara: I host the open mic night at the Cafeteria in New Paltz every Monday night. I've been working for Chronogram magazine for the past 6 months part time as an account executive selling advertising and I also bartend at The Bywater Bistro in Rosendale on Sundays, across the street from where I live.

Cruella: Lara, you’re one ambitious ghoul! So what does 2011 hold in store for you, Ms. Hope?

Lara: In 2011, I am seriously considering producing the Vagina Monologues again (I put them on last February at the basement in Kingston.) So if that’s going to happen, I’ll be needing to get on this very soon!

Cruella: I know, I heard all about this, and am very excited.

Lara: Aside from that, I am in the market for a new band van so that both Tiger Piss and The Champtones can get a little more time on the road, even just for weekends away. The Champtones' reputation and shows have been steadily rising, and I think that we all want this to turn into a working band, more private parties, weddings, rockabilly festivals, car shows, you name it.

Cruella: I'll make sure to put a shout out there to all the ghoulies. Lara needs a van, man! And I am very thrilled to see what this year holds for you. You're certainly a woman on the rise and on the lips of many people I talk to.

Lara: Thank you! I could never be satisfied working a 9 to 5 job, going home, making dinner, watching TV and going to bed. That’s just not my style!

Cruella: Well, I want thank you for taking the time to chat with me, and I wish you the very best of luck in your endless adventures in the music world, as well as in zombie land.

Catch The Champtones:
January 28 at the Skytop in Kingston
Jan 29 at the High Falls Cafe
February 25 at the Falcon in Marlboro

Tiger Piss has some shows in the works, but will be focusing mainly on writing new material and doing some recording in 2011. Keep checking in with the FB page and the website for updates.

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