Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grave Matters

Unlife with the an award winning horror blogger isn't all what it's cracked up to be. Actually, it's down right motivational and inspiring. For about a year now I've been watching Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror, write, review, and interview his little horrific heart away. As we start 2012 I've decided to make use of his undying love and passion for writing and put some of the spark he has back into my own carcass to do much of the same. So here's a taste of what the Captain's got cookin'...

1. Once again Brian Solomon's blog, The Vault of Horror, has been nominated for a Splatcademy Award through the ghouls over at DeadLantern.com. Be sure to go vote for a man who is as dedicated to his craft as Frank Sinatra is synonymous to New York.

2. After a very successful Village Invasion II this past October in Saugerties, NY seems like the Captain will be adding another cadaverous Commander. I'm excited to be working with Neil Smoller of The Village Apothecary, in making the town wide zombie invasion a continual success. Here's to a ghoulriffic partnership, Kitten! Myself and the rest of the undead Army await the 3rd Annual Zombie Invasion this October 2012!

3. I will be looking forward to the next season of American Horror Story even though the season finale left me sort of disappointed. I'm happy that the writers of AHS decided to end it and not keep the same aging storyline going. I'm a little misty eyed knowing that Jessica Lange and the super hot maid had to go, but am anticipating the next season with an entirely new set of whack jobs to watch on Wednesday nights with Mr. Solomon's laughable quips thrown in the mix.

4. I'll be adding much more to this blog as previously stated, complete with my own zomBeriffic illustrations, make-up tutorials, Creullasconcoctions updates and Captain Cruella swag you'll only be able to get here. I'm hoping 2012 will be a year of moving forward making strategic plans to launch Captain Cruella of the Carnivorous Cadavers further into the online horror realm and maybe just maybe...the world.

Here's to a horrifying 2012 and may all your nightmares come true. Viva la Zombie!

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