Sunday, August 12, 2012

GRAVE MATTERS-What every zombie needs to know, KILLER EVENTS this 2012

Hello all you zomBeriffic ghouls and boils! It's great to be back talking to all you zomBabes and zomBoys in this latest installment of Grave Matters. I know it's been a little dry spell here for the Capt. however, I do hope you'll forgive this rotten wretch when I tell you why, dear kittens, it's been so quiet up in the crypt. I've been one busy zomBabe working my cadaverous fingers to the very bone ensuring that all you zomBie freaks and fanatics have one hell of a  good time. I've even dragged my human counter part, Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror in to the oozing mix beyond the Village Invasion. Here's all the latest gory details:

1. Mr. Solomon, of The Vault of Horror, will be kicking off in style with his special 5th anniversary celebration with a killer series he's calling, Bedlam at the Bijou. The three part series launching on September 27th at the historic and lovingly restored Bijou Theatre in Downtown Bridgeport, CT is surely not something all you horror movie buffs will want to miss! So far it's September 27 with double feature Godzilla and Them, October 25th with Zombi and Last Man on Earth and on November 15th it's Nosferatu and Dracula 1931. I've been told that these are themed, with Q&A, special guests and even a costume contest on the October 25th night. Go check it out, celebrate in style with the Frank Sinatra of the horror world! For more information crawl on over to The Vault of Horror and the Bijou Theatre calendar of events page!

2. What's this? Another zomBie event on October 11th? That's right kittens, if you live in Connecticut and live close to Fairfield County be sure to drag your freshly dug carcasses on over to Downtown Bridgeport. We're celebrating the arts with food, music, specials and ZOMBIES! The whole thing happens out at McLevy Green and weaves its way through all of downtown where all the restaurants and spaces have been charged with the gruesome task of keeping the hoards entertained. Costume contests, drink specials, zomBie hula hoopers, give-aways, ambient and eerie projections by local artists on buildings and MORE. October 11th, Downtown Bridgeport from 7-9 pm so don't miss it!

3. The Village Invasion III is working hard to build a most zomBeriffic event this 3rd year. We've closed down the Village this year to ensure all you zomBies have full reign to terrorize the humans, (or the humans to hunt down the zomBies) as this year it's Humans Vs. Zombies and we're so excited to be finally growing up and out! Did you know that this year the Village Invasion is a charity event? We'll be asking you ghouls to donate a canned item upon entry to restock the Saughoulties food pantry and if you CAN't ( see what I did just there?) It's a measly $2 to help out our fellow food groups known as humans because after all who wants to eat a starving skinny human? There's music, outrageous specials, a costume contest, vendors and so much gory goodness one simply must come to experience what's becoming the premier tri-state zombie event ever created! We're still fleshing out our website but if you're a ghoul or boil who wants to vend their zomBie and horror wares please print this out and submit! Space IS limited so sign up now! See you there kittens, October 20, 2012 from 6-10 pm! Village Invasion and on twitter-#villageinvasion. SPREAD THE INFECTION.

4. What better way to wrap this entire post up than with the very first zombie cruise--ever? That's right, The OOZE CRUISE sets sail on January 6th through the 13th. This is going to be one HELL of a slaycation, kittens. Do go to this website and sign up now. It's insanely cheap, you'll get to hang with other zomBie nuts like us and you'll get to enjoy warmer weather in the dead of winter. Now who doesn't like that? Did we also mention we'll be featured in October's issue of Rue Morgue Magazine?

As always kittens, can't wait to see you at any and all of these events we put together for your entertainment. Spread the infection, tell a fiend and viva la zomBie!

Captain Cruella

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