Friday, May 11, 2012

Grave Matters- Fasten your seatbelts, it's ZomBie Showtime!

Hello, my dearest ghouls and boils! Your esteemed Captain has reanimated back into action for what seems like it's shipping up to be the most zomBeriffic year, ever! We've got multiple zomBie walks, lots of conventions, and what you've all been waiting for, the BIG REVEAL, a zomBie cruise. Yes, Kittens. A cruise, on a real bona fide cruise ship, overrun with a bunch of hungry zomBies on deck. The sheer excitement of enjoying our rotten selves with all of you is a Terror Team dream come true! More on this later--so without further adieu, hold on, sit down and buckle up cause' the Captain's taking you on one hell of a ride!

1. Stamford, CT is holding it's very first zomBie walk in Downtown Stamford this summer supporting a really awesome,  (and very clever on the organizers part) charity. Come on down this June 30th from 6-9 pm, spend $5 to support brain cancer research, and have one hell of a time shuffling the streets with a horde of the undead.

2. The Captain normally wears many hats and the newest one I'm wearing is the Events Planner hat for a really killer organization called the Bridgeport Arts & Cultural Council. I'll be stirring up the gory goodness, along with a healthy dose of community bonding paired with long term cultural and artistic creativity, into a much needed area. Keepin' it zomBie real as always, I've proposed a zomBie crawl, complete with contests, events, music and a historic haunted city wide tour. Keep your eyes peeled as the date to remember is October 11th, which is part of the ongoing Downtown Second Thursday's events being held yearly in Downtown Bridgeport, CT.

3. Village Invasion III- The Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse, is in full on battle planning mode. Expect a lot of changes this year with the streets being closed, more music, vendors, bigger, better, bloodier. I'm in NY this weekend working out the details with the owner of The Village Apothecary, Neil Smoller, who spearheaded last year's CDC attack. ( Boo...hisss) Who also happens to be a major sponsor in this year's Invasion, ( YAY! Hooray!) Neil and I will be working diligently along side of many other key players who will be instrumental in making this year a huge success. I'll also be teaming up this weekend with the Hudson Valley Horrors as they will be skating back this year, joining in on the blood bath once again! Expect a website, billboards, radio ads, fliers to the point where if you missed October 20th from 6-10 pm, you'd have to hang your head in shame, or be living under a rock, to not show your gruesome faces to what is quickly becoming one of Saugerties, NY's most horrifying events!

4. Captain Cruella AND Brian Solomon from The Vault of Horror on cable TV? Yeah, I know, it is pretty outrageous but that's exactly what could happen. Let's hope our good friend, Kevin Maher, and Double Wide Media get this one out of the simmering pot and into the mouths of hungry viewers! Random Fandom--what else would you expect? Check it out!

5. The Vault of Horror, the dapper human half of the Terror Team,  has been on a slight hiatus. Most recently it was discovered that The Vault of Horror FaceBook page had been compromised. With that being said-- I know Brian Solomon WILL be back as we'll be promoting the hell out of our combined events. He'll be skillfully crafting reviews of upcoming movies adding his own personal horrifying musings, along with his ever present horror master mind in all things Cruella's Crypt, which brings me to No. 6.  

6. A zomBie cruise you say? YES, I SAID IT! The Terror Team is delighted to bring to all of you gruesome lovelies, a zomBie themed cruise. The planned cruise dates are January 6th-13th. The ship is Royal Caribbean and sets sail from Bayonne, NJ making stops at Port Canaveral, Nassau, Coco Cay. We have a LOT of activities planned, both aboard the ship and at the ports. We're working out the final details with the cruise director along with pricing for this group. We intend on this being VERY popular as the prices we've been given are ridiculously good. There will be more info by the end of May here at my blog, my FaceBook page, The Vault of Horror's blog, and our travel agent's FaceBook page and website along with a link and contact info on how you can purchase your tickets. There will also be the full itinerary being put out as soon as possible so you know exactly what you're in store for.  BELIEVE ME. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS THIS! SO KEEP CHECKING IN!

Phew! Well now that we've given birth to that giant zomBaby, I'm excited for our future, can't wait to see you all soon! As always, keep it scary and Viva la Zombie, Kittens!

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