Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grave Matters - Village Invasion IV Updates & Other Rantings from the Captain

Greetings to all you zomBeriffic kittens!

  • Seems just like yesterday that I was preparing the Z horde for the third installment of zombie hijinks in the Village of Saugerties in glorious old Upstate New York, and now here we are. So much has happened in just four years! The deathly crew is planning on some gorrificly good times, and we hope that you--yes you, kitten--will do your part in helping spreading the infecti... I mean word, about this year's Village Invasion IV! Along with all the planning and zomBification process the Village of SauGHOULties will be undertaking, I'd also like to discuss some extra brainy goodness and some not-so-goodness too. So pull your zombie selves together and enjoy the ride.
  • So I'm sure, unless you're still freshly buried and have literally been living under a rock, you have seen the trailers for World War Z. Now if you know who I am and know my stance in the "Fast zombie vs. Slow zombie" never-ending debate, you'd know I'm a devout "fast zombie" champion. HOWEVER, in no way ever was I a fan of zombies can outrun a vehicle and literally form an undead bridge of zombies to climb walls and chase down helicopters and airplanes. While I really enjoyed the book, forgive me for saying this, but I'm not going to see this in a theater. However, I do expect a full report, kittens. I'm counting on it to be just as bad as I think it is.
  • One movie I did drag my carcass to was the remake of Evil Dead, which in my humble zombie Captain opinion was probably one of the goriest movies I've ever seen--and I've seen a lot of 'em. Now I know some thought it was lacking as the storyline didn't have an Ash character, and some thought the plot wasn't solid enough. I say hogwash--go see it if you adore scene after scene of gratuitous gore paired with great scares and an interesting twist to a seriously epic classic.
  • Bedlam at the Bijou at the historic Bijou Theatre in the up-and-coming artist mecca of downtown Bridgeport has been bringing screams, thrills and even some interesting talks about all things horror, thanks to Brian Solomon of the blog The Vault of Horror and his creeptastic double features. It's typically held on the third Thursday of every month starting at 7pm for a mere $10. And did I mention that there's a full bar AND you can order pizza directly from famed Two Boots Pizza right next door and have it delivered right to your table? I'm still working on the fried brains topping--give it time. So if you haven't come out, you must. That's an order! The next event happens on June 20!
  • So some of you might have read my status over the past few months and seen that I was contacted by a television network to be a possible host for a new television series based on ghost hunting and criminal investigating. Well--it's true! I was and while I wait for the news on whether or not I've got the job, it's still pretty zomBtastic to have even been thought of for the gig.  I'll keep my rotten fingers crossed and keep all you kittens in the know. Zombie Captain of the undead today, Zombie Captain of the undead and television host tomorrow. 
  • Village Invasion IV-'s happening. Save the date-OCTOBER 19TH! Last year was such a gigantic success that we've rolled up our sleeves and are planning an even better event than last year! Be prepared for more music, more vendors, more activities, prizes, collectible event T-shirts, as well as amazing offers concocted by the restaurants and merchants in the Village of sauGHOULties, New York! I'll be rolling out new information as time goes on, so keep your peepers peeled for more gorrific details and head on over to the Village Invasion site, my very own Facebook page, The Village Invasion FB page and also on Twitter! You don't want to miss the most ghoulriffic event on the East Coast this October! 

  • Myself and the venerable horror blogger Brian Solomon from the Vault of Horror have recently caught BBC America's zombie mini series In the Flesh. Some have compared it to the zom-rom-com Warm Bodies, but I personally think it has a much more serious tone. I find that it's  interesting to use the lead character's undead status as a metaphor for mental illness. The character ends his own life then finds himself resurrected back into a town that rejected him and his former gay lifestyle, more of an outcast than he ever was before, then is forced to come back to a family that's in denial about his "Partially Deceased Syndrome". I'm excited to see the rest of this series in the next few days ( thank you DVR!), and am interested to hear what the rest of the ghouligang has to say about this as well.
I'll be blogging more often as the time marches forward to the Village Invasion this October 19 with the details of the possible indie film festival, the overall theme for the day, the specials, the vendors and more! If you're interested in being a part of the zombie madness contact me, Captain Cruella at See you there, kittens and until then--stay scary!

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